This video contains some demos of sound interactions. It would become super happy if you watch it with the audio on (ง •̀_•́)ง

Published Apps

ARCreator: iOS AR Creation App

ModelSketch: iOS Multitouch Modeling App

Tandon Research Lab VR: NYU Admission Commercial App

NYU Makerspace VR: NYU Admission Commercial App

Unity Skills

  • Solid and clean OOP in gameplay and code optimization.
  • Specializing in graphics (lighting/rendering/post-effect), physics, locomotion and interaction for VR.
  • Teaching ARKit and Vuforia at NYU Graduate Mobile AR Class.
  • Knowledge of shader programming: capable of reading and modifying the existing HLSL shader, having a hard time of writing it from scratch yet : (

Media Skills

  • Strong knowledge of film aesthetics and film history. In-depth understanding of the audio/visual language in both motion picture and VR (write, edit and co-host a film review podcast in Chinese that has more than 100,000 listeners.)
  • Intermediate in Adobe Photoshop, Audition and AfterEffects.
  • Beginner level at Maya and Blender (I cannot do 3D modeling well, so I always work closely with 3D artists XD)


  • Have written in Java, Javascript, Html, Swift, C++ for personal projects.
  • Understanding of 3D math, computer graphics, data structure and operating system.
  • Version control: Git and Unity Collaboration.
Podcast Host
Lifetime Film Nerd