What is it

ModelSketch (Apple AppStore Link) is a casual 3D modeling iOS app which gives people a completely new modeling experience.

In ModelSketch, everything dealing with modeling can be done just by two fingers, making modeling easier and more interesting compared to the manipulation on ordinary modeling software on the computer.


  • Create base model such as cube and sphere.
  • Move, rotate and scale models and change their colors.
  • Manipulate a group of models together by multi-selection.
  • Save the models you create and load them anytime you want.


The idea about making ModelSketch came from one of the assignment of my HCI course. My duty was to accomplish some basic manipulation in Multitouch Gestures for Constrained Transformation of 3D Objects on mobile devices. If I had to accomplish all the manipulation to one single model, why not make it applied to more? Then the ModelSketch was created.

What does it do

I have to say that the modeling work through gestures does has its limatition: no value input means no accuracy. But touch devices also has their own advantages in modeling. sThey give modeling a lot of interaction and fun. So, do not use ModelSketch on tough modeling job, using it for creation or just for fun!

Also, ModelSketch is a cool app for early childhood education. All you have to do is just giving an iPad to the kid with ModelSketch running, they will spend even a whole day on it. Trust me, I have seen it with my own eyes : )